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Welcome to Avenue International (Cook Islands) Limited (“Avenue CI”). We are a licensed trustee company in the Cook Islands offering integrated trust and wealth management solutions, empowering you to manage, safeguard and grow your assets. With our expertise, we strive to be your companion on the avenue of wealth management, help you seize every opportunity, overcome any obstacles that may arise and ultimately realise your life’s aspirations.

Our Advantages

The market fluctuates from day to day. As our clients’ needs differ from person to person, handling diverse situations and meeting varying demands are what we excel in.


Our core management encompasses seasoned legal and financial practitioners with extensive experience.


We never compromise when it comes to integrity and honesty. Clients can rely on us to tackle the obstacles in their wealth management journey and act in their best interests.


We react quickly to the ever-changing environment in terms of product development, asset management, technology and client services.


We put our clients first and focus on creating the best client experience. How? By actively listening to their needs and responding accordingly.

The Cook Islands has provided unparalleled protection to trust assets and will do so well into the future.

Key Features of the Cook Islands Trusts

Trust Laws

The Cook Islands trust law is derived from the Common Law and has been enhanced by the International Trusts Act 1984 and subsequent amendments.

Strict Requirements for Fraudulent Claims

The time limit to bring legal action against a Cook Islands trust is short and the creditor must prove beyond reasonable doubt that the particular settlement being claimed was made with an intention to defraud.

Non-recognition of Foreign Judgements

A Cook Islands court will not recognise any judgement that is based upon any law inconsistent with the International Trusts Act 1984 and subsequent amendments.

Our Services

In essence, we provide comprehensive offshore trust and wealth management solutions. Recognising the unique circumstances of each client, we carefully craft our plans to accommodate diversity. You have the option of making monthly contributions over a term of 5 to 25 years for enhanced flexibility or starting with a single contribution for streamlined management. Additionally, you can choose to allocate your capital to one of our carefully constructed portfolios or physical commodities. The decision lies in your hands, allowing you to align your preferences and long-term wealth management objectives.

But before our professional services come into play, you need to define your goals first. Are you looking to save for spending after retirement, your child’s education, your dream home or other goals in life? Find inspirations and read what you should consider from the articles below.